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As John Parker begins his junior year at Tennessee Christian University and prepares to lead the Lumberjack basketball team to another championship season, a Monday morning chapel message changes everything. The events that unfold wake up a college town from its spiritual slumber, unleash signs and wonders in the jungles of South America, and set loose a revival around the world! Let The Children Come serves as a powerful reminder that “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (ADULT & YA FICTION 16+)

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Soon-to-be college freshman, Amy Wallace, has just spent 18 days on a summer mission trip in a crowded and bustling city in southwest China. She came to tell people about Jesus. It hasn’t gone the way she expected. With only one night left before saying goodbye to new friends, a place she’ll never forget, and a host family that practically adopted her as their own — she embarks on a crazy plan to walk the streets of the city all night long in prayer and hopeful expectation. The events of her final night will prove to test her faith and trust in God like never before. Prayers ’Til Dawn takes you on a trip into a fascinating world and culture over 5000 years in the making—a land where God’s ancient work continues on AND continues to prove He is mighty to save. (ADULT & YA FICTION 16+)

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How could an abandoned boy and an old fisherman living in a remote mountain village trapped in fear of evil spirits and a threatening witch doctor, ever learn about God’s love and purpose for their lives? All they know is that the mighty river flowing through their land provides them with the fish they need to survive on and a temporary escape from their hopelessness—until one day when the old fisherman vanishes. Will he ever return? What happens next changes a family and their village for all eternity. (CHILDREN'S FICTION 10+)

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Meet the young Scrooge of the western plains—one mad, sad, and bad little hombre. But NO ONE is beyond God’s loving reach as this angry little cowboy is about to find out for himself—with a little help from some ornery cows! This is a fun rhyming book filled with a timeless message of hope and salvation. Based on the true-life events of D.C. Lee's paternal grandfather. (CHILDREN'S FICTION 5+)

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Long ago, Chloe’s grandfather embarked on a journey of faith that took him halfway around the world where he met and married the love of his life. Now widowed and alone, Papaw looks forward to his granddaughter’s visits like a child waiting for Christmas. Together, there are no limits to their imaginative adventures and when they jump in the very center of a magical trampoline, they are launched on an unexpected and exciting adventure around the globe and to very the edge of the atmosphere! The Cloud Riders is a celebration of a life well-lived for God’s glory and emphasizes the critical importance of passing on one’s legacy of faith. (CHILDREN'S FICTION 7+)

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