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These albums contain original lyrics and songs written, recorded, and produced over the past two+ decades. Sometimes as a solo project, sometimes with musician friends from the US and/or overseas. A little raw and unpolished, but full of heart and soul.

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(2019 / China)
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(2007 / China)
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(2001 / Taiwan)
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(1999 / Taiwan / For Kids)
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"My journey with music began in church, listening to my father and mother sing in the choir and in a men's trio and women's quartet. We had a large piano in our home that my father played by ear. Regrettably, his death when I was seven years old, not only robbed me of his presence but also of the music he loved to listen to and perform. It would be many years later before I would discover my own talent with an acoustic guitar and my own voice." - D.C. Lee

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