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How to leave a book rating or review on Amazon (even if you didn’t buy your book there)

  1. Log into your Amazon account.

  2. Go to the book title you want to rate/review

  3. Select the number of stars you'd like to rate the book. If you'd like to just rate the book without leaving a review, go to step five.

  4. Write a review in the Customer Reviews section. A review should be a minimum of 20 words and should tell other readers why they would like the book. (What did you like about it? What other books is it like?)

  5. Click submit. Amazon will usually send you an email that lets you know your review was accepted.

Want to take it a step further?

Share your review on social media (Goodreads, Facebook, etc).


Why Amazon ratings/reviews are important to authors

A rating is the number of stars a book has. Amazon allows customers to rate a book with one to five stars. One is bad. Five is awesome. A review is your viewpoint on the book. What you thought of it. Why other readers should get the book (or stay away). Amazon keeps their algorithm and business plans closely guarded, but the bottom line is this:

The more ratings and reviews a book has, the more relevance Amazon assigns it. And when a book is relevant, Amazon will suggest it to more people.

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