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There are dangerous people in the world for whom children are a commodity to be used and discarded. There are others, who will do anything to stop them. These rescuers and protectors belong to a global clandestine organization known as The Ghost Family. They follow no laws. They answer to none. They stop at nothing.  The hunters are now the hunted. 


Book One of the Soldiers & Saints Trilogy

When a young, trafficked sex worker is murdered in a Hong Kong brothel, Dawson Reyes (a.k.a. The Ghost) becomes responsible for the protection of her rescued infant child. A child at the center of a lucrative blackmail operation run by a powerful and dangerous human trafficking cartel. It's the kind of mission Dawson lives for and would even die for...but not until every criminal involved meets their judge, jury, and executioner.


With a diverse team of lethal Ghost Family members at Dawson's side, a Hong Kong detective in hot pursuit, and the unexpected help of a missionary who finds herself trapped in a world of darkness and evil that she could have never imagined existedBetween Shadows & Flames will keep you on the edge of your seat, turning page after page, until the very heart-pounding end!

ADULT FICTION / Mature Content 18+ (Violence, Murder, Kidnapping, Suicide, Cursing Sexual Abuse: referenced & implied)

Between Shadows & Flames eBook (epub)

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