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Hannah's Purse Adoption Fund

A Scholarship Fund For Families Adopting Children With Special Needs

"The Christian who is pure and without fault,

from God the Father’s point of view, is the one who takes care of orphans and widows, and who

remains true to the Lord..." James 1:27 (LB)

In honor of Hannah's decade of work (Seeing The Beautiful) serving abandoned children with extreme medical and physical needs, Resonate Books is proud to support a similar, well-established ministry in China. New Hope Foundation believes children are made by God and are infinitely precious to Him. New Hope seeks to bring comfort to the children in their care, relieve their suffering as much as possible, and do all they possibly can to sustain their lives here on earth. New Hope has been uniquely equipped to help meet the children's needs through a vast knowledge and understanding of local resources, a strong team of experienced medical practitioners, and access to a network of worldwide medical experts.


20% of all proceeds to



To directly support and partner with

New Hope Foundation, click HERE.

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