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Good Advice

Here's my one piece of advice for any writers out there: TURN OFF THE TV.

That's it. Do this one thing and your book/story has a fighting chance. How do I know? Because I gave it a try. You may or may not know that the average American adult spends over 22 hours watching TV a week. Now I NEVER watched that much, but I could easily spend a couple of hours each day watching an episode or two of my favorite show, catching up on the news, and enjoying a sports game later that night. That used to be a pretty common routine for me. And during all those years that this was my routine, guess how many books I completed? ONE. It took me over 20 years to write my first novel and start on my second one. Two years ago I decided to make a change. For the past 24 months, I haven't watched ONE full season of any show (except THE CHOSEN which we watch as a family, one episode at a time, on Sunday nights), not ONE full live sports competition (15-minute YouTube highlights only), and not more than ONE movie every 2-3 weeks with my kids. During the past two years, I haven't watched any news (no cable TV), documentaries, crime specials, reality TV, or anything else. And guess what I did with all that spare time? I revised and re-published my original novel (for the LAST time) and completed 5 new books. FIVE NEW BOOKS (with two more on the way)!


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